As a highly functional cement-water mixture, concrete is used in all branches of industry for its notoriety as a highly economical and long-lasting building element. To protect it against environmental influences and to prevent the formation of cracks and corrosion, JOHNSON & SONS USA developed special product systems, which include:

  • Urethane coatings
  • Double broadcast systems
  • Troweled epoxy systems
  • Troweled urethanes systems
  • Containment areas designed for the specific chemicals needed to contain
  • Flexible waterproofing
  • Water vapor transmission barriers
  • Radon and other gas barriers
  • Oil filtration barriers
  • Concrete repair and protection
  • Concrete crack repair


  • Maximizes waterproof capabilities of concrete
  • Reduces water demand for a given slump
  • Reduces shrinkage and cracking • Reduces bleeding and bleeding time
  • Improves workability of concrete
  • Aids the curing of concrete
  • Increases compressive strength
  • Protection of concrete against certain aggressive chemicals, including chloride attack on reinforcing steel
  • Allows passage of air and vapor
  • Treatment is permanent and is not contingent on the durability of a surface coating
  • Cost effective as surface coatings are not necessary
  • Treatment cannot be damaged as it forms an integral part of the concrete